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Women Share

Lidia 23 Germany

Since I got my first period I had to take so many pain killers . every month was a new nightmare .. I heard about this practice from a friend. After a few weeks of steaming I got my period and it was easy for the first time in my life. I couldn't believe it honestly. the cramps are gone and I'm just thankful

Nurit 39 Israel


Suffers from endometriosis,  seizures and adhesions, here is what she wrote us after she started steaming regularly

המלצה מנורית.JPG
Sivan 36 Israel

When I was stepping into the final period of my pregnancy I wanted to prepare my body for the birth , I was afraid of tears and skin damage. my grandma used to practice this ritual in Persia and so I knew all about it . After giving birth I continued steaming in order to shorten the bleeding and clean the womb . This is so incredible and useful , I wish every woman would practice it  and realize how things can be easier 

Daniel 42 Israel 

I was suffering of serious menopause symptoms, mainly dryness and itch. SteaMe changed my life after so many doctors couldn't. Balancing my hormones and my body by certain herbs . The kit is very comfortable and easy to use , high quality and feels like so much love and every small detail was out into it   

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